The best way to get started with your coaching with me at Playsport Golf. My assessment session is a a comprehensive swing and ball control evaluation allowing me to get a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses enabling me to tailor a specific development programme for you. At a cost of only £30 and lasting up to 60 minutes, it is a great introduction to golf lessons and the route that I personally suggest each golfer should take prior to taking a programme of lessons. Assessment sessions can also cover short game and putting to make sure every aspect of your game is covered.

The assessment lesson gives us a baseline to work from and allows us to gather all the required data to keep track of how you progress throughout the programme and the opportunity to discuss your aims and goals.

One to One Lessons

60 minute lessons – £50

30 minute lessons – £30

4 x 60 minute lesson – £160

A series of 60 minute lessons giving us a great opportunity to put some series work into your game 

All-in-one lessson package – £99

60 minute playing lesson followed by two 30 minute lessons on the short game or in the studio, this popular package is great for overall game improvement or as a gift