One of the biggest practice killers is… ENGAGEMENT. 

You know those times you’re at the range or out playing golf and you are mentally completely checked out?

Maybe something happened at work and you’re mentally dwelling on that, or while at the range your group of friends is talking about something and you’re just randomly hitting shots while participating in the conversation. 

You’re not engaged in golf. You’re not mentally there.

Now compare that to one of your best rounds. You’re totally there. Totally engaged in what you’re doing. 

Great practice and great learning happens when you’re engaged in what you’re doing. You’re mentally there.

It’s hard to put a one word description on it, but you know what I’m talking about. Here are some of the things that help you get engaged in the process. 

  1. Competition 
  2. Specific Goal + Specific Focus 
  3. Games 
  4. Challenges 

And here are some of the feelings or descriptions you might have after a time of great engagement in the task you’re doing. 

  1. Time seems to go quickly. 
  2. Effortless focus 

A sense of high productivity

ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS: Two hours of practice with high levels of engagement and an intensity that somewhat represents the performance environment, can be much more effective for learning and skill transfer than 5 hours spent mindlessly mashing balls on a range.

So how can this be achieved?

TopTracer can help massively here by utilizing the games that are available.

TopTracer 30 is a tough challenge and should be attempted at least twice a month. By playing TT30 you are building your skills of adaption as there are a mixture of drives, long approach, and short shots.

Simple play one of the virtual courses as again this is a simulation of real game scenarios which push your skills. 

The old adage of practice like you play and play like you practice rings true!

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